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          Work to repair sites with problems is delayed by the pandemic. Thanks for your ongoing patience.
          Temperature: 15.4 °C at Springwood Elementary School Temperature: 15.3 °C at Arrowview Elementary School Temperature: 14.9 °C at Bowser Elementary School Temperature: 14.4 °C at Alberni Weather Temperature: 16.6 °C at Nanoose Bay Elementary School Temperature: 15.0 °C at Vancouver Island University Temperature: 14.9 °C at Alberni Elementary School Temperature: 13.8 °C at Maquinna Elementary School Temperature: 16.5 °C at Ladysmith Secondary School Temperature: 15.9 °C at Pacific Biological Station, DFO-MPO Temperature: 15.3 °C at Denman Island Community School Temperature: 15.7 °C at guderyan.com

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          East Vancouver Island

          Current temperatures on mid Vancouver Island.
          Temperature at our weather stations (104/158). Place your mouse over a station (diamond) to see the current temperature at that location. Other variables can be found on our two-dimensional plot page. See also: Victoriaweather.ca, IslandWeather.ca.

          Our iPad and iPhone app is available from the App Store.

          Twitter: @vanisleweather.

          Stations in the Network

          All Stations, One Variable

          See plots for a single variable at all of the stations in the network.

          Summary of Recent Observations

          See a graphical summary of the latest observations across the entire network.

          Now storing at least 10 659 738 641 observations.

          Contact information

          For further information or data inquiries please contact us at weather@uvic.ca. If you find a problem or have a question about the site please be sure to send the relevant site and page address (the URL from your browser's address bar). Also include a screen capture image if you can so that we can see what you are seeing.

          Site Map

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          The Vancouver Island School-Based Weather Station Network is an education first project. Data from the network are made freely available as is to the public with no guarantee of accuracy or availability. Commercial use requires a license. Please contact weather at uvic.ca for more information. This work (this site and all contents not otherwise attributed) by School-Based Weather Station Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
          Creative Commons License

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